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Web Scraping Session

A session on Web Scraping was successfully conducted in which students learnt to leverage the power of python to obtain data from web. Interactive hands-on session was followed by a small competition with goodies and prizes to winners!

11 Feb,2020

Git/GitHub Session

Full house session on Git and Github. Students learnt about basics of Git using Command Line Interface.Open source development was introduced and many participants made their first pull request in the interactive session.

16 Jan,2020

GSoC, Outreachy and OSS

Talks by GSoCers and Outreachy students, Introduction to the Open Source Software community of DA-IICT alongside a brief introduction to Hacktoberfest

16 Oct, 2019

Django Girls, Gandhinagar

Build your first website. It is a full-day workshop with opportunity to network with other DevFest and iFest attendees.

13 Oct, 2019

Introduction to Web Development

A session on web technologies and terms related to web development and how to get started in web development with a concrete plan that you can follow to start creating your own web apps, We will start with the very basics and explain to you the various paths you can take towards your web development career and the things you need to learn.

25 Sept, 2019

DSC DA-IICT Orientation

An orientation session for DA-IICT introducing the club and its activities to the new fresher batch and while at it teach how to make a website using plain old HTML/CSS and maybe even a little JavaScript.

13th August, 2019

Summer Planning Session

A session on the pathway required for embarking upon the journey of Machine Learning and Web Development. Discussions on a lot of different things like the resources you should learn from, the different types of projects you should work on etc.

16th April, 2019